Michael Kasumovic: Ecology and Evolution

Rachel is in her third year and finished up an independent study course where she looked at the effect of tactile interactions and contact pheromones on developmental strategies of juvenile black filed crickets. She did such a great job that we'll be submitting the paper pretty soon. Not only that, but she's actually interested in coming back to start an honours project. Sweet.

Eddie is a doctoral student in the Brooks lab working on sexual conflict and using mice as a model mammalian system. Since it took so long for the mice to come in after being ordered, I was able to convince her to start a cricket project. I don’t think she minds given she didn’t have to apply for ethics approval this time.
Maddie is a doctoral student in the Elias lab and she’s spending time in our lab as she’s setting up for her peacock spider mating season. While she’s waiting for the season to begin, I’ve also convinced her to start a cricket project that’s coming along nicely. Anyone see a pattern here?