Michael Kasumovic: Ecology and Evolution

I’m currently looking for honours and Ph.D. students to join the lab.

Although I currently do not have funding for post-docs, I have research funding and space for self-funded post-docs and can also help those interested in applying for available post-doc funding through UNSW and the ARC. Please contact me if you are interested.

I have just been awarded an ARC Discovery Grant to examine sex-differences in gene expression profiles in response to acoustic cues of the strength of sexual selection in the Australian Black Field Cricket (Teleogryllus commodus). This project consists of using quantitative and genomic techniques to examine how gene expression changes in response to the social environment and how selection affects gene expression profiles. Find out more here.

I have also been awarded a second ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award to examine how juvenile and adult social interactions affect trait expression, mating strategies and our concept of 'quality'. This project involves using both laboratory and field techniques to examine the fitness costs and benefits of shifts in behaviour and preference. Find out more here.

Aside from these two funded projects, I also have ongoing projects on crickets and spiders ranging from laboratory behavioural and developmental experiments to field work examining evolutionary questions. Questions can and will range from anything that you’re interested in to anything that I’m interested in. Which pretty much leaves the field wide open.

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